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Live Solutions Ltd (“LSL”) is a company formed in the Isle of Man specifically to develop and promote a new gambling software platform. The platform has been developed by Simon Croft who has more than 20 years experience in all aspects of the online gambling industry ranging from owning and operating both online casino operations and hosting and payment solutions platforms. The management team has equally relevant experience stretching over many years.

The platform offers a new experience to players. The games are completely server controlled with a high and sophisticated level of interaction for the players through video streaming. Each table is hosted by a live presenter, but since the games are all server controlled RNG games, they do not control the execution or outcome of the games. The Multi-player - Video Chat experience replicates, as closely as is feasible in a non-VR environment, sitting at a bricks and mortar casino table, but at a fraction of the cost. Therefore anything that significantly impedes travel, such as the current events, would also enhance the appeal .

The attraction to operators will be that acquisition, conversion and retention rates will improve, as will player values. The presenter interactions with live players provide opportunities for enhancements to social responsibility and compliance as well as the potential for VIP management through live contact. Player interactions, play sequences and other critical data are recorded and available to operators directly by API, or through aggregators. LSL will not have any of the customer’s personal details – unless they volunteer, which will not be encouraged, meaning that it is only the operator who can properly assess and utilise the data LSL provides.

This will, in effect, give operators eye in the sky” style player monitoring tools allowing constant and immediate real time human analysis. This should complement any algorithmic social responsibility triggers that may already be in place.

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