Our Eye in the Sky

Our Control Room software is designed to manage the largest Casino Floor in the world with thousands of tables playing different games in different languages. We have called it Eye in the Sky after the systems which are commonly in place in land based casinos. 

Our control room staff work all over the world 24/7 in all of the languages we support and their aim is to promote a fair and pleasant environment. They are able to assist with player dispute resolution, ongoing player welfare and social responsibility and fair gaming. We can keep track of all players and their play, presenters and their behaviour and the moderators and their performance.

Our first line of monitoring is our presenters who are trained to look for signs of distress.  Since our presenter to player ratio is very low,  there is a very high probability that signals of distress from players will be detected in conversation. Our presenters are trained to escalate any suspicions to the control room.

The control room regularly visits each table where they can monitor the action.

Both presenters and control room can create and read notes which are in turn available to the operators, control room and to other presenters. 

Finally, if our control room concludes that a problem exists, the matter is escalated to the operator for review.

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