• Do not use suggestive language whether verbal or body language.
  • Be friendly but avoid any intimacy in conversation.
  • Be ready to halt any conversation, politely but firmly, if the tone of it strays into personal areas.
  • Keep notes relating to your customers, particularly those who are regular.
  • Never pass any comment on any gambling operator
  • Greet returning customers in a friendly way - you may refer to information previously given to you but briefly; beware offending less well known customers who may feel left out if you have too familiar a relationship with other players.
  • Treat all customers with equal friendliness - do not use a different tone for those who you may know better.
  • Speak only in the language of your country/area - If someone engages in a different language, respond in the language of your jurisdiction. If you do not understand the dialect, make it known in the language of your jurisdiction.
  • Do not encourage customers to play for longer, deter them if they are thinking about leaving, to place large bets, or in any way to encourage them to gamble - reference to bets should be kept to asking customers to place bets for that particular game at hand and to refer to hands that they have.  
If a conversation starts to become inappropriate in nature, for example someone starts talking about religion or politics
Steer the conversation to a new area
  • Weather 
  • Holidays
  • Plans for weekend
  • Celebrity gossip
  • TV shows


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