It can be hard to know how to react to a customer in certain scenarios, so here are some common examples and some responses:
Inappropriate or Abusive Behaviour
Example Conversation
Presenter -  Hello Jason, Welcome to XXX, how are you today?
Player 1 – (Jason) You’re really beautiful, are you a model?
Presenter – Thanks Jason. This is a chat area for people playing the game, if you could keep the conversation away from personal observations, that would be great! Is this your first time playing here?
Challenge to Game Fairness
If a player starts talking about the game being rigged, or the operator cheating
Inform the player that operators are regulated and licensed and there is no possibility of the games being fixed. 
 Example Conversation
Player 1 (Anne) – This game is fixed, I have not won a hand in ages. 
Presenter – Hi Anne, I can assure you the games are not fixed, the operators are all regulated and licensed. You can check the operator website for details of how the game outcomes are decided and what the odds for each game are. 


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